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September 11 2017 , Written by Brian Colter Mechanical Services Published on #velosolex, #solex

Velosolex Solex mopeds / motor bikes


For questions concerning Velosolex Solex motorized bicycles / bikes / mopeds, please contact me through one of my websites:


Solex 3800 USA by BrianSolex: http://solex3800usa.over-blog.com


Velosolex 4600 by BrianSolex: http://velosolex4600.over-blog.com


Solex 3300 USA by BrianSolex: http://solex3300usa.blogspot.com


Solex 5000 USA by BrianSolex: http://solex5000usa.blogspot.com


or by e-mail at:





Free Velosolex Solex manuals, guides, handbooks, parts lists and catalogs, charts, technical help, historical information, dating.

A photo or two of your Velosolex Solex, along with the engine serial number, will allow me to better help you, and provide you with the proper helpful literature.




Velosolex Solex parts for sale    S 3300, S 3800, 4600, 5000


Please visit this Velosolex Solex Parts For Sale website:


Link: http://velosolexpartsforsale.over-blog.com/




 Velosolex / Solex 4600 website: http://velosolex4600.over-blog.com


Solex S 3800 USA website: http://solex3800usa.over-blog.com 


Solex model S 3300 USA website: http://solex3300usa.blogspot.com


Solex model 5000 website: http://solex5000usa.blogspot.com/



Dating a Velosolex Solex bike

How to date a Velosolex Solex bike

How to determine year of manufacture of a Velosolex Solex bike

How to determine the model of a Velosolex Solex bike




The 14-3-1966 or 25-10-1962 date that you may see cast into the crankcase is the date of approval of the Cyclomoteur 3800 and Cyclomoteur 2200 engine respectively, not the dates of manufacture. 

The Cyclomoteur 2200 engine was used on both the S 2200 and the S 3300.

The Cyclomoteur 3800 engine was used on the S 3800, the 4600, the 5000, and the Micron.

The majority of the online serial number charts do not pertain to the exported Velosolex Solex bikes, like those sold in the USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark, etc.

* If you would like to know the model and year of manufacture of your Velosolex / Solex, just send me a photo of your Velosolex /Solex, along with the engine serial number, (and the frame serial number if there is one).

e-mail: Velosolex3800@aol.com

Please watch this video to help locate the serial numbers:




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